GO Consulting Group provides efficient means for your company or IT department to develop and implement your IT projects. We provide technical expertise to help guide your project from start to completion ensuring maximum productivity and efficiency levels are maintained at all times.

The Consultants

We have consultants with a wide variety of skills, from junior system programmers to more advanced developers, from embedded programmers to wireless specialists.

Our consultants possess many qualifications, for example:

  • Strong command of .NET, Java, Oracle, or SAP
  • Strong technical degrees from selective technical universities
  • Extensive fundamentals in math and science

We make certain our consultants establish complete security and stability, ensuring they are not only happy but focused on their job and the performance of their tasks. Meeting their needs allows us to accomplish the goal of thoroughly meeting yours.

If you are interested in becoming part of our team, email your resume today to Visit Jobs@CGC for more information.